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 is your one-stop resource for CCTV and DVR security equipment. Whether you need a single camera, standalone DVR, a power supply, or a complete security solution, you'll find the latest innovations and solutions right here at DVR USA.

Choose from a variety of products and categories such as: professional CCD cameras, vandal-proof domes, rack mount color LCD monitors, mini covert "spy" cameras, wireless cameras, real-time DVRs, DVR servers, cables, battery packs, lenses, and more.

• Standalone DVRs – DVR USA offers a variety of standalone DVRs with features such as real time live displays, full D-1 resolution, and advanced remote client over Smart Phone.

• DVR Servers – Dependability, huge storage capacities, multiple channels, real-time displays and recording are but a few of the choices available in today's DVR servers.

• Professional Box Cameras – Choose the box camera that's right for you.

• Professional IR Cameras – If you need an extended range or low light performance, infrared cameras and super low lux cameras are the perfect choice.

• Mini Bullet Cameras – Mini bullet cameras are small, flexible, and perfect for indoor/outdoor use.

• Outdoor Bullet Cameras – Need a weatherproof camera for outdoor use? Check out these outdoor bullet cameras.

• Dome Cameras – Housed under a dome, these cameras are unobtrusive and loaded with features.

• Mount Cameras – Flush mount cameras are perfect when you want an attractive security camera that still makes its presence known.

• Covert Cameras – These cameras take many forms, appearing as clocks, smoke detectors, or peepholes while allowing for covert recordings

• PTZ Dome Cameras – Want greater control? Choose a Pan, Tilt, Zoom dome camera.

• DVR PC Cards – DVR USA offers a number of PCI DVR cards with 8-32 channel video inputs and a variety of features

• PTZ Controllers – Pan, tilt, and zoom your security cameras remotely.

• PIR Motion Cameras – Choose the PIR motion camera that's right for you.

• Bazooka Series Cameras – Need a Bazooka series camera? Take a look at this selection.

• Lenses – Choose from a variety of lenses.

• Brackets – DVR USA offers mounting hardware and brackets.

• Housings – Protect your investment with protective housings.

• Cables and Extensions – Everything you need to connect your security system.

• Power Supplies ¬– Make sure your system has the power it needs.

• Connectors – Connectors and adapters for cables and hardware.

• POS/EPOS – Dramatically reduce retail losses with a Point of Sale DVR solution complete with text overlay, real time audio and video display and recording, and advanced motion detection.

• Miscellaneous – Here you'll find security products that aren't easily classified such as surveillance camera stickers.

• 19" Rack Mounts – Organize your security system with rack mounts.

• Audio – Audio monitoring kits provide you with yet another layer of security and evidence detection.

ICMS (Intelligent Central Monitoring System)
ICMS is designed for intelligent security solution providing that customer's safety and property protection by integrated intruder detection, video monitoring, two-way audio communication and access control.
Event image checking (Real-time or 1~2 min.)
Order for actual event (20% of event is by intruder)
1st. Voice warning(Real-time), 2nd By guard
Voice + Video
Real time notification (E-mail, SMS), Remote access (Remote viewer)
Integrated management (Audio + Video + Task result)
DVR health check (Preclude device error)
  Alarm security ICMS
 Event Verification  Field verification
 (5 ~ 10 min. or more)
 Event image checking
 (Real-time or 1~2 min.)
 Dispatching order  Order for all events
 (80% of event is by abnormal operation)
 Order for actual event
 (20% of event is by intruder)
 Intruder repulse  By guard (5 ~ 10 min. or more)
 (80% of event is by abnormal operation)
 1st. Voice warning (Real-time)
 2nd By guard
 Emergency call  Voice only  Voice + Video
 Customer  End of situation  Real time notification (E-mail, SMS)
 Remote access (Remote viewer)
 Task management  Separated management  Integrated management
 (Audio + Video + Task result)
 Device  None  DVR health check
 (Preclude device error)
DVR 200EA (4CH DVR basis)
 Features  Control Server  DBMS  SMS  E-Mail Sending  Storage Server  Web Server  Additional Function  Client Control
 CPU  Intel Dual core2 6300
 MEMORY  Over 2G
 HDD  250G or 500G
 NETWORK  Ethernet 10/100/1000
 OS, DB  Windows XP / VISTA / ORCLE
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